Sarah Holland’s Life Story – 1: The Prologue

Sarah Holland's Life Story

“The internet is a Global Court with the only jury in history who cannot be bribed or threatened.”———————-Sarah Holland————————–

                                                               SARAH HOLLAND’S LIFE STORY

                                                        1: – THE PROLOGUE

My life is in danger, and has been since 2003.

There are 5 suspects involved: –

1 Global Company

1 Literary Agent

1 Writer

1 Lawyer and his ex-wife

Who are they?   Why do they want me dead?

Their primary motivation is an estate worth $1.25 billion.   They have to either kill me, force me into suicide, bankrupt me, drive me into a mental hospital or completely discredit me in order to get it.

The internet is a Global Court: – it reaches the only jury in history that cannot be bribed or threatened.

My only hope of justice lies with you, the worldwide jury of the internet and it is to you I submit my case.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:- who wants me dead?   The answer lies in the pages of my Life Story.   By the time you’ve finished reading it, you will know who the killers are.

But I have to tell you everything, right from the very beginning…

Edgar Degas' Masterpiece

Edgar Degas’ Masterpiece

Sarah Holland can be contacted at

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